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    OPEN ACCESS E BOOKS: Publications may be single author or multiple author books. The manuscript(s) may be a review book with several chapters, a lengthy review, a monograph, a lecture series, proceedings of a conference or a general book in your area of expertise. You have the full freedom to select the title, the topics, the co-editors, the time frame and the authors of the book. Senior and junior colleagues and peers can be included in this project. The copyright rests with you/ the authors.

    The benefits of these publications are: 1) Fast publication 2) Unlimited access and use to everyone 3) All interested can view, download and distribute the publication freely 4) 24 hour availability of content online 5) High usage and visibility of the content 6) wider promotion and dissemination of the work 7) Wider recognition of the editor and authors across the scientific world and 8) More value for the book budget.

    We, on our part will be sending alerts to over 3000 scientists working in your area of research internationally to make your work more visible through our individual book alerting program. The copyright vests with you.

    Publication Charges: To support Open Access, a charge of U.S.$499/- will be levied for a book up to 110 pages for a single author volume. For each additional page, a charge of U.S. $5/- per page will be levied. If it is a multi authored volume, where one of the authors pays for his/her article, the cost will be U.S. $28/ per page for the paying author.

    For Indian authors, the charge will be Indian Rupees 175/ per page both for single author and multi-author volumes.

    Formats: The e-books will be produced in two formats- PDF and beautiful page flipping format. To view our e Books, please visit: www.trnres.com/ebook.php

    Hard Copies (Including Registration and Air-mailing Charges): You can order hard copies of the e-books if you so choose, for an additional charge of U.S. $ 65/ per copy for a book up to 50 pages and U.S. $ 115/- for a book up to 100 pages, with black and white inner pages and multi-colour cover. (colour figures for inner pages for hard copies cost extra at U.S. $ 30/- per colour page). Each additional page would cost U.S. $ 7/- for black & white pages. These charges include registered air-mailing charges.

    How to Go about Editing a Book: The first thing to do is to formulate a topic of the book and then identify a set of possible authors for the various topics coming under the main topic. You may contact these researchers who you may know yourself- your friends, peers, other scientists, juniors or seniors- working in similar areas in your country or abroad. You may contact them yourself or if you send their names with e-mail IDs, we will do so on your behalf. Our experience shows that we have to contact at least 100-125 scientists, preferably from all over the word to get a good 6-7 manuscripts. Also, it is wise to invite second tier scientists rather than the very top ones, as the latter might already be involved in other projects and commitments.

    Contact: Dr. Uma Pandalai, MD, Editor, 607 Stanford Court, Irvine, CA, USA.

    Website: www.ressign.com, www.trnres.com E-mails: editor@researchlook.com, signpost99@gmail.com