Recent Research Developments in Optics, Vol. 8
Function of Translesion DNA Polymerases in Genome Stability
Development and Physico-Chemical Studies of Tomato Powder
Iron and Ascorbic Acid Contents of Selected Green Leafy Vegetables
PCR Analysis of the Isolates for the Presence of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Gene from Contaminated Food Samples
Production and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate by Bacillus licheniformis Using Sago Starch Medium
Advances in the Mechanism of Cardio-Cerebral Disease
Skeletal Muscle: From Pharmacology to Clinical Practice
Recent Research Developments in Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy, Vol. 7
Toxic Effects of Chemicals in Food, Chemical and Consumer Product Safety
Recent Research Developments in Materials Science, Vol. 10
Carbohydrates Applications in Medicine
Advances in the II-VI Compounds Suitable for Solar Cell Applications
Evaluation of Electrochemical Reactors as a New Way to Environmental Protection
Frontiers in Nanoscience for Biomedical Research
Recent Research Developments in Plant Physiology, Vol. 5
Recent Advances in Carbohydrate Polymer Research
Molecular Aspects of Inflammation
Recent Research Developments in Immunology, Vol. 8
Strategic Organizational, Planning and Management: An Introduction
Recent Research Developments in Membrane Biology, Vol. 3
Estrogens and Cognition. Psychobiological and Clinical Aspects
Recent Research Developments in Neuroscience, Vol. 4
Contemporary Issues in Ethnopharmacology
Recent Research Developments in Nutrition, Vol. 9
Recent Research Developments in Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 5
Topical Series in Health Science 1 (TSHS-1)
Recent Advances in Materials for Organic Light Emitting Devices
Recent Research Developments in Phytochemistry, Vol. 10
Oral Health of the Elderly
A Toxicological/Pharmacological Approach to Chemico-Biological Interactions at a Membrane Level
Recent Research Developments in Microbiology, Vol. 12
Advances in Atherosclerosis Research
Human Osteoclastology
Dielectric and Ferroelectric Reviews
Carbohydrates Applications in Medicine
Recent Research Developments in Materials Science, Vol. 9
Next Generation Launchers Aerodynamics
Exploring Themes on Aquatic Toxicology
Advances in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Study of economic, social effects of employment and self-sufficiency projects of Imam Khomeini (By focusing on agricultural projects) in north of Iran
Topics in Colloidal Aggregation and Interfacial Phenomena
Essentials in Pediatric Urology
Recent Research Developments in Genetics & Breeding, Vol.4
The Plague: History, Clinical Aspects, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and PCR Detection of Yersinia pestis, the Causative Agent
miRNAs and Human Diseases
The Rat in Cancer Research: A crucial Tool for all Aspects of Translational Studies
Recent Research Developments in Physiology, Vol. 5
Air Pollution : Monitoring, Impacts and Mitigation Strategies
Advanced Research in Electronics for Biomedical Applications
EM Shielding - Theory and Development of New Materials
Nanoparticles Featuring Electromagnetic Properties: From Science to Engineering
The Androgen-Excess Theory of Breast Cancer
Escherichia coli: and Bacillus subtilis: The Frontiers of Molecular Microbiology Revisited
Cellular Bioenergetics in Health and Diseases: New Perspectives in Mitochondrial Biology
Recent Contributions to Sensory Analysis of Foods
Pine Resin: Biology, Chemistry and Applications
Biomass Conversion Technology for Renewable Energy Generation:Analysis, Selection and Testing
Protean genome
Effect of Chemotherapeutic Drugs on the Human and Animal Peripheral Nervous System
Recent Research Developments in Nutrition, Vol. 8
Behavioral Animal Models
Hypometabolism: Strategies of Survival in Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Molecular and Cell Biology in Rupture of Human Fetal Membranes
Recent Research Developments in Macromolecules, Vol. 9
Current Research Trends in Skeletal Muscle
Opportunity, Challenge and Scope of Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry
Next Generation Launchers Aerodynamics
Medicinal Plants as Antioxidant Agents: Understanding Their Mechanism of Action and Therapeutic Efficacy
Recent Developments on Neurological Diseases
Topical Series in Health Science 1 (TSHS-1)
Recent Research Developments in Pharmacology, Vol. 2
Recent Research Developments in Life Sciences
Trace Elements: Action on Health and its Role
Control of Fusarium Diseases
Exploring Themes on Aquatic Toxicology
Nanotechnology in Progress: Pharmaceutical Applications
Advanced Techniques for Microwave Systems
Recent Research Developments in Biochemistry, Vol. 8
Drug Addiction and Adult Neurogenesis
Current Advances in Gynecological Oncology
Recent Advances in Pulmonary Vascular Biology
Heterogeneous Catalysis in Biomass to Chemicals and Fuels
Understanding Osteoarthritis from Bench to Bedside
Advances in Ocular Drug Delivery
Vaccine Against Bacterial Biothreat Pathogens
Control of Meat Quality
Soil Tillage and Microbial Activities
Zinc Oxide the Future Material for Electronics: A Comprehensive Review on ZnO Physics and Defects
The Challenge of Colorectal Cancer: A Review Book
Phytopathology in the Omics Era
The Meal by Meal Dynamic Energy Balance in Blood: Habits & Risks
Fundamentals and Current Topics in Molecular Structure Research
Cellular and Genetic Practices for Translational Medicine
Regenerative Therapy for the Musculoskeletal System Using Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
Edible Plants in Traditional Medicine
Pharmacology of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors from the Basic and Therapeutic Perspectives
Computational Methods in Nonlinear Acoustics: Current Trends
Hemoglobin: Recent Developments and Topics
The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Prion Disease
Proton Homeostasis in Tumorigenesis and Cell Death
Remote Sensing Optical Observation of Vegetation Properties
Signal Transduction in Nervous Cells
QSPR-QSAR Studies on Desired Properties for Drug Design
The Role of oxidative stress, mitochondria failure and cellular hypoperfusion in the pathobiology of Alzheimer disease
Novel Approaches to Vaccine Research
Essays on Contemporary Peptide Science
The Flowering Process and its Control in Plants: Gene Expression and Hormone Interaction
Viral Transport, Assembly and Egress
Modelling and Simulations in Electronic and Optoelectronic Engineering
CNS Mechanisms Involved in Learned Autonomic Adjustments
Heterocyclic Targets ion Advanced Organic Synthesis
Silicon Carbide Epitaxy
New Challenges in Foetal and Neonatal Infections
New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Research
RNA-viruses. Enzymatic and Receptoral Inhibitors
Selectivity, Control, and Fine Tuning in High-Energy Chemistry