Title New Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry
ISBN 978-81-308-0321-0
Individual 110 USD
Institutional 110 USD
Editor(s) Stefano Alcaro
Preface The aim of this book is to present the Medicinal Chemistry state-of-the-art as it appears from the point of view of several young investigators currently working in the Italian academic community. The     Read More >>







  • Exploiting protein fluctuation at human cholinesterase active-sites  Buy it Now
    Caterina Fattorusso, Campiani Giuseppe, Marianna Borriello, Angela Leo, Sandra Gemma, Alessandro Panico, Marco Persico, Bruno Catalanotti, Sindu Ros, Margherita Brindisi, Marianna Agnusdei, Isabella Fiorini, Vito Nacci, Novellino, Tatyana Belinskaya, Ashima Saxena and Stefania Butini
















  • RNA as a drug target  Buy it Now
    Barbara Gatto, Giulia Giaretta, Michela Bertuzzi, Elisa Bianchini, Giuseppe Zagotto and Manlio Palumbo