Title Current Topics of Drug Design in Parasitic and Bacterial Diseases
ISBN 978-81-7895-553-7
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Editor(s) Alfredo Tellez Valencia and Mario Pedraza Reyes
Preface Nowadays, diseases caused by parasites and bacteria represent one of the biggest health problems worldwide. Perhaps the main challenge faced by scientists is the multiple pathways developed by these p     Read More >>




  • New approaches in the anti-trypanosomatid drug design  Buy it Now
    Sergio Enríquez-Flores, Jesús Oria-Hernández, Itzhel García-Torres, Adriana Castillo-Villanueva, Saúl Gómez-Manzo, Ignacio De la Mora-De la Mora, Sara Teresa Méndez, Gloria Hernández-Alcántara, Angélica Torres-Arroyo, Gabriel López-Velázquez and Horacio Reyes-Vivas


  • Novel therapeutic approaches for protozoan parasitic diseases  Buy it Now
    Itzhel García-Torres, Saúl Gómez-Manzo, Adriana Castillo-Villanueva, Gloria Hernández-Alcántara, Sergio Enríquez-Flores, Sara Teresa Méndez, Ignacio De la Mora-De la Mora, Angélica Torres-Arroyo, Gabriel López-Velázquez, Horacio Reyes-Vivas and Jesús Oria-Hernández